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Where to charge your vehicle

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map is a non-commercial, non-profit, electric vehicle data service hosted and supported by a community of businesses, charities, developers and interested parties around the world.
By using Open Charge Map and related apps you are helping to improve the information in the registry by providing peer review, edits, additions, comments, photos and by promoting the service to other users. The benefit of OCM over others providers is that OCM's purpose is to share information openly, whereas commercial providers have to keep their information to themselves (or within the confines of their own App etc.) in order to maintain a commercially marketable data set.

Open Charge Map

EVMap - EV chargers

Using EVMap, you can find electric vehicle chargers comfortably using your Android phone. It provides mobile access to the community-driven databases from and Open Charge Map, containing information about charging locations across the world. For many chargepoints in Europe, you can see real-time status information.



ChargePoint is the world’s leading EV charging network with over 226,000 activated ports and 400,000 accessible by roaming globally. Only the ChargePoint app allows you to find ChargePoint stations, see if they are available and start charging. You can also find and charge at EV charging stations from other major networks.

Find a place to charge: See which EV charging stations are available to use in real time on the ChargePoint map.


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