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The software or firmware of the vehicle makes everything work. This software can be restricted to give you the best economical outcome, it can give you more or less distance, more or less power when pulling away but it is also tuned to prevent malfunction or failure of vehicle parts like the motor or batteries.

By tuning this software even further you can get exactly what you want.

EV tuning software

EV tuning you vehicle software or firmware needs to be done by a professional. It can save you money on electric and the amount of time you have to have vehicle hooked up and charging.

Car management software

Open Vehicles

The OVMS is an all open source vehicle remote monitoring, diagnosis and control system.

The system provides live monitoring of vehicle metrics like state of charge, temperatures, tyre pressures and diagnostic fault conditions. It will alert you about critical conditions and events like a charge abort, battery cell failure or potential theft. Depending on the vehicle integration it allows you to take control over the charge process, climate control, tuning parameters of the engine and more. OVMS developers are enthusiasts trying hard to provide as detailed information about the internals of a vehicle as possible.


Working only with electric vehicles Fully supported: Kia e-NIRO/e-Soul (EV), Hyundai Kona EV, Hyundai Ioniq EV. Community supported: Niro PHEV, Renault ZOE 28, BMW i3, VW ID3 45/58/77. See Release notes, quick installation via flash tool bellow.

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