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EV tuning with your mobile

What about EV tuning with your mobile well it is now common practice in garages and DIY mechanics to use tools that plug into an OBD port to diagnose your vehicle and in some cases, you can even electronically tune the engine to give you better performance and efficiency. Well similar to tools like OBDeleven where you plug in a dongle to the OBD port and use Bluetooth or wifi to connect to your mobile phone most EV cars may already have Bluetooth to allow car manufacturers to pre-test the vehicle before it goes to market. This would allow them to produce there own mobile app that will give the consumer the ability to fine-tune to vehicle.

Hyundai Motor's are one of the first to produce an app for consumer use. They have an app called MEVTT (Mobile EV Tune-up Technology), this app lets the consumer control many aspects of the vehicle’s performance like torque, acceleration, deceleration, regeneration braking, HVAC energy, MAX speed and responsiveness. The app can then store gradual setting as presets. Although I do think if vehicles are going to be intelligent they will constantly adapt to your daily living.

Is this the beauty of EV tuning with your mobile, something to play with, something that give you control.

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